Malta Angels Maltese

Welcome to Malta Angels Maltese. We are located in east-central California at the base of the beautiful Sierra Mountain foothills.

We are a small, in-home, hobby Maltese Breeder, responsibly breeding American Kennel Club (AKC) Maltese Champion Dogs and AKC Maltese Puppies, exclusively, since 1993.  We breed to the (AKC) Maltese Breed Standard.  Our home was designed and built for our Maltese.  They are raised and cared for “in” our home.

MaltAngel Maltese Dogs are known for their gorgeous silk coats, beautiful heads and profiles, dark pigmentation, elegant movement, sound structure, correct type, and sweet temperaments. We have been honored and grateful to have worked closely with some of the top Maltese Breeders in the United States, such as Richelieu Maltese.

We have a wealth of Maltese puppy information on our website. Please view our articles on
Teacup Maltese, Maltese Puppy Care,  Hypoglycemia, Grooming a Maltese; Maltese Tear Staining; House Training, Crate TrainingPuppy ProofingToxic FoodsFirst Aid for pets;Maltese Links, Bling-Bling Maltese AccessoriesAKC Maltese Breed StandardAKC Limited Registration; as well as product pages for: Dog Dental Care, Probiotics, Living Waters-Bowls, Maltese Books, etc.  Most of the products can easily be ordered just by clicking on the images.  Those that do not have links to the images can be ordered just by contacting MaltAngel Maltese.

MaltAngel Maltese bring incredible joy to their adoptive families.  We carefully select special homes when we have Maltese Puppies adult Maltese retirees available, or Maltese Show Dogs for sale.  Our Maltese Gallery has many Maltese puppy pictures of some of our beautiful Dogs.  We enjoy receiving pictures so that we too can watch the Puppies grow and mature.

Maltese Dogs are one of the gentlest of all AKC toy breeds.  They make wonderful travel companions and great apartment dogs due to their small size.  They do not shed, are very eager to please and be close to their owners.  All of this along with their cute attitudes make them the perfect diminutive aristocrat.

Stay, relax, and look around our website.  The information on our site is frequently updated.  “Thank you” for visiting.  If you have any questions about any of our Puppies or the Maltese Breed in general, please feel free to contact us.  We happily answer any questions about these wonderful, little MaltANGELS.

Sheila Riley

Y’all come back now!  We frequently update our site with new information relative to the wonderful Maltese breed.